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Cosmetics in the marVita Spa

  • Description

    The most effective solution for acute skin issues - quick treatment, maximum results. Choose the application that best suits you: Eye Rescue – refreshing and unblocking for tired, strained eye areas, Flash peeling – clearing and calming for skin impurities

    € 43.00

    approx. 25 min.
  • Description

    Cleansing, peeling, mask and final care exactly attuned to your skin type. A treatment as individual as you are.

    € 78.00

    approx. 60 min.
  • Description

    Cleansing, peeling, mask, serum, face massage, final care and valuable tips for your daily care ritual at home. The intensive programme for smart women who want more.

    € 108.00

    approx. 75 min.
  • Total Effect Treatment
  • Description

    Microdermabrasion and Ultrasonic care – for an ultimately beautiful result.

    € 123.00

    approx. 80 min.
  • Description

    Cleansing, peeling, mask, massage and final care– the trained hands of our skin-care experts pamper you individually with skin-type appropriate products and provide you with a feeling of new freshness and vitality.

    € 79.00

    approx. 60 min.

    Team Dr. Joseph

    Hightech Natural Cosmetics

    Based on your skin’s needs and scientific results, the manual treatment method TEAM DR JOSEPH approach the deep tissue. Following the natural functional laws, the skin’s metabolism is restored to balance: calming the nervous system, relaxing the facial expressions, harmony of the steady state, normalisation of the micro circulation with the goal of caring for and preserving your holistic skin feeling, your skin’s health and your incomparable beauty.
    Experience the individual beauty care following the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH for yourself. pureness. recreation. protection.

    Aktive Wirkstoffe in Masken, Massageölen und Cremes.
  • Description

    A wonderful, natural ingredients-based care specifically tailored to your skin’s needs with an immediate effect and a deep-tissue relaxing pampering programme as per the method TEAM DR JOSEPH: skin diagnosis, eye brow shaping, lymph-stimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, peeling, deep-tissue cleansing with glass cups, special serum, modulated face massage, intensive mask and a finalizing individual day care. With highly effective natural active ingredients for a healthy and intensively cared skin.

    € 99.00

    approx. 80 min.
  • Ultrasonic Care
  • Description

    The use of a gentle ultrasonics massage combined with the introduction of highly concentrated skin care products achieves a visibly fresher and smoother complexion and is suitable for any skin type. SPA tip: Ideal as an extra freshness boost during any facial (20 minutes) or twice a week as an individual treatment (40 minutes).

    € 30.00

    approx. 20 min.
    or approx. 40 min. € 60.00
  • Express Power Lift Men
  • Description

    The TEAM DR JOSEPH method for men.

    Powerful, natural, effective: skin diagnosis, lymphstimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, peel, deep cleansing, special serum, intensive mask with face massage and personalised day cream to finish.

    € 69.00

    approx. 50 min.
  • Description

    Skin-type specific, deep-tissue cleansing following the method TEAM DR JOSEPH: Your skin? Pure and soft. Your face? Radiating. Your feeling? Clear and full of energy. Starting with a warm and moist herbal-steam compress, a gentle lymph-stimulating massage, peeling, cleansing with glass cups and deep-tissue cleanse. After that, a toning face pack, peel-off mask and skin-specific day care follows. For a visibly fresher complexion and a vitalised glow.

    € 75.00

    approx. 60 min.
  • Supreme Ultrasonic Facial Lift
  • Description

    This premium intensive treatment uses a totally new non-invasive face lift method that leaves the face looking plumper, fresher and youthfully firmer. The natural high-tech active ingredients are safely transported into the deeper layers of skin using ultrasonic frequencies. The effect of the TEAM DR JOSEPH ultrasonic treatment is instantly visible in the skin’s smoother, firmer and plumper appearance. Lymph stimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, ultrasonic peel, deep cleansing, serum with ultrasonics, face and neck massage, intensive mask and personalised day cream to finish. Experience and feel this personalised beauty care after the ultrasonic treatment.

    € 149.00

    approx. 80 min.