Baths & Rituals

Relaxation in the Lärchenhof


Bathing in the pleasantly warm water, enriched with selected active substances, enveloped in aromas in a romantic, private atmosphere, calms the body and delights the mind. Switch off, let go, alone or together – pure time away.

Rituals for your health

Sanum per Alpes® is a quality seal by VITALIS Dr Joseph, whose goal is to combine the centuries-old wealth of Alpine culture and knowledge with typical herbs, natural products and methods into your personalised well-being experience.

  • Wellness Bath
  • Description

    ROSE RED — Attar of rose and rose essences – sensual.romantic
    MOUNTAIN MEADOW — Goats milk and honey– silky.mild
    MOUNTAIN FEX — Lavender and rosemary – soothing.relaxing
    HERBAL POWER — Pure Alpine herbs – natural.invigorating
    MARY & MINT — Rosemary & mint – deep-tissue effective.uplifting
    CHAKRA BALANCE — 7- chakras oil and jojoba –balancing.exotic
    VITALITY — Dead Sea salt – revitalising.invigorating
    DETOX ME — Laurels, sandalwood, grapefruit – tightening.smoothing
    MARVITA — Larch oil –

    € 35.00

    alone approx. 25 min.
    or € 55,00 for two
    approx. 40 min.
  • Alpdetox RITUALS
  • Description

    “Follow the rhythm of tranquillity in seven steps” — Soothing, releasing foot bath, healthy basic organic herbal tee, full-body back is individualised ingredient combination, detoxing live pack and gentle massage– a marvellous full-body treatment for your personal spa experience.

    APPLE & ROSE HIP — moisturising & cell renewing
    ARNICA & ST. JOHN’S WORT — tonic & strengthens the nerves
    MARIGOLD & CHAMOMILE — healing & soothing
    WINE & SEA BUCKTHORN — tissue tightening & hydroscopic

    € 98.00

    approx. 80 min.