Ayurveda Alpin

Namaste marVita

Known, proven and authentic celebrated in an alpine environment causes the perfect symbiosis of Oriental natural healing knowledge and alpine stimulating climate on the Seefeld Plateau an unexpected well-being.

Ramadas Khizakkekara

The latest member of our international SPA Team is „Ramji“ who was born and raised in the State of Kerala in the southern part of India. Already as a young man he felt called to learn the Ayurvedic wisdom of life and treatment techniques and can therefore draw on a considerable and profound training both in his home country and in a renowned Ayurvedic clinic in Portugal, where he worked for several years. This was also his first step towards Europe and especially towards Austria, the country he now calls his second home.

  • Abhyanga full body massage
  • Description

    Abhyanga full body massage
    The traditional, deeply relaxing full body massage in Kerala style, is tailored to your personal needs. Well-Tempered BIO – Herb oils penetrate deep into the skin, dissolve fat-soluble toxins from the tissue, and have a stimulating effect on circulation, veins and muscles.

    € 138.00

    approx. 60 min.
    or € 200.00 approx. 80 min. incl. Shirodara forehead casting
  • Shiroabhyanga
  • Description

    Shiroabhyanga Head and face massage with forehead gush and Padabhyanga foot massage
    Inspired by the timeless Indian family tradition. This head, face and foot massage with warm, fragrant BIO oils, is quickly and effectively against stress-related muscle tension. Supplemented with Shirodara forehead gush, that helps against sleep disorder, will be anxiety harmonizing and will have a calming effect on the mind and body giving you back peace and serenity.

    € 136.00

    approx. 60 min.
  • Padabhyanga
  • Description

    This classic Ayurvedic foot massage has a very calming and simultaneously effect on your nerves. Indispensable for more ease and well-being in everyday life and it´s a blessing for your stressed legs.

    € 76.00

    approx. 40 min.