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marVita - Well-being at the Natur & Spa Hotel Lärchenhof****

Experience our philosophy in harmony with the 4 elements

Our guiding principle and marVita philosophy is based on the knowledge and effect of the 4 elements fire, water, air and earth. As the origin of all being they establish balance and harmony between nature and man. Situated at the highest point of Seefeld’s high plateau, the Lärchenhof is full of the pure energy of life. The magical nature that surrounds us, the power of the Tyrolean mountains that inspire us and the joy of life that we take from this are gifts that we want to share with our guests.

marVita 4 Elemente Philosophie - Hotel Lärchenhof in Seefeld


For your holistic wellbeing, we combine the 4 pillars of ambience, dining, wellness treatments and an activity programme with the principle of the marVita 4 elements at the Lärchenhof. Feel surrounded and inspired by the power of the marVita elements as soon as you arrive at the Lärchenhof, in your rooms and in our marVita spa.

Our wellness is based on the four main factors of balance, regeneration, vitality and the “Alp Detox”. High-quality natural care products and the sensitive team of experts at marVita spa help intensify this unique feeling of a joy of life and vitality with their body and beauty treatments. A visit to our sauna and water complex harmoniously rounds off your personal feel-good experience at the marVita spa.