Namaste! Yoga hotel on the sunny plateau in Seefeld, Tyrol

The history of yoga dates back to the 7th century BC and is based on an Indian philosophical teaching that combines a range of different mental and physical exercises whose aim is for the mind and body to become one. Many different yoga styles have developed over time. In short: There are as many different yoga styles as life is varied!

Be inspired by the variety on offer at the Lärchenhof yoga hotel

The inspiring yoga on offer at the Lärchenhof has been reorganised by our yoga teachers. Let us surprise you!

Our yoga sessions are also held in the new activity room that is flooded with daylight. At appropriate times of the year when the weather is suitable, outdoors too surrounded by pure alpine air and impressive mountain scenery. Whether you’re a yoga beginner or already an advanced yogi, be impressed by the yoga sessions that are just as stimulating as they are relaxing and discover the real benefit of yoga for the mind, body and soul.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a form of yoga that aims to achieve balance between body and mind through physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation.

Ashtanga Yoga

The special thing about it is that you don't take a break between the individual yoga exercises, but move smoothly from one asana to the next. Breathing and movement merge, creating a dynamic flow. The effect: warmth and energy are generated in the body, which activates the metabolism, supplies the cells, trains the cardiovascular system and cleanses the body.

Yin Yoga

Is a gentle, relaxing yoga in which the fasciae are addressed through the long, passive holding of the yoga postures. The result is access to deeper layers of consciousness, as well as the possibility of complete mental, emotional and physical relaxation.

Feldenkrais Yoga

Movement therapy that takes place through learning anatomical relationships. The result is greater awareness, coordination and suppleness, which can be implemented in yoga practice as well as in sporting and everyday movement patterns.
The practice is calm, gentle and restful. It leads to an expansion of the self-image, improved erection and increased movement possibilities.

Yoga Ayurvada Retreat

Price per Person in DZ from € 609,00 for 5 nights





In order to be able to offer our guests as much variety as possible, we change the activity plan every week. The current activity plan with all yoga classes can therefore always be found on the hotel's notice board.

Yoga Retreat

With Yoga – regardless which type – you will be able to settle and find rest and peace.

Here are some impressions of the last yoga retreat of the olympiaregion Seefeld.

Masha Kovacs

Masha Kovacs is an experienced international yoga teacher who has earned her qualifications in France, Spain and multiple trips to India. To deepen her understanding of anatomy she has pursued a 4-year long certification as a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement/movement therapy practitioner. Recently she finished a 3-year long extensive training in Embodied Life and Meditation. She teaches her unique retreats across Europe, speaks 9 languages and is a passionate rock climber.

Her yoga program is suitable for beginners and advanced students alike: everyone benefits from a deeper anatomic and biomechanical understanding of the poses, breathing and the practice in general and she can adapt her classes to the needs of our guests.